Flowers, weddings and reality tv!

My first dip into the wild and weird world of reality tv came several years ago when tv producer contacted me about becoming a contestant on Logo’s floral design competition show “The Arrangement.”  It was the first season and the show was being pitched as “the Top Chef of floral design.”  Several phone and skype interviews later I was offered the opportunity to be on but ultimately chose not to take part because of a.) scheduling conflicts, b.) very unclear parameters of how contestants would be portrayed, and c.) lack of definition regarding the reward money (hey, a girl’s got to get paid!)

My second failed experience with reality tv came when the owners of the now out of operation View Point Inn were filming a test pilot for a show about their venue.  Cameras followed the owners, myself and our clients around the venue as we prepped for and executed a wedding.  In my opinion the combination of the extremely passionate owners, gorgeous views, weddings, fervent Twilight fans (several famous scenes were filmed at the Inn) and ultimate demise when the historic Inn claimed bankruptcy and ultimately burned down in a devastating fire  would have made for some Grade A television.

Our most recent experience with reality tv happened last fall when we were asked to provide flowers for Kevin and Meredith’s wedding at the Roloff Farm.  The third time was the charm and the wedding aired on TLC in November!  We had such a blast working with the couple, the venue, producers and Mandi from Champagne who coordinated the event and designed many of the decorative aspects!  I was also so pleased with how everything came out and also how the network respected the vendors, families and wedding party involved.  The day itself was GORGEOUS and having never been to the Roloff’s farm I was totally impressed with all of the details and vistas.

Check out this link for a peek inside their day!   I’ll be posting images soon!

Image by Maggie at Honeysuckle Photography