Covid Weddings- What I’ve learned so far

Oregon coast wedding bouquet flowers

We’re entering into the 5th month of the new “Covid era” and weddings are happening.

I’ve learned a lot over the past 5 months.  Some of it has been grisly info I never really wanted to know, some practical and some insightful. One thing that is not new is that people will always want to get married and celebrate that commitment with a wedding.  We’ve been a part of about 20 weddings during the new normal, and about 1100 pre Covid.  Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far.

I hope you find these tips helpful!

1. If you want to get married you still can.   At the start of quarantine it was very difficult to get a marriage license.  The courthouse is now open and you can get your license.

2. Big or small, hire excellent professionals.  The constant changes to regulations and policies are exhausting and also confusing.  What was allowed last week may not be allowed tomorrow.  Hire experienced professionals including (but not limited to) a wedding planner, caterer, rental company, florist, DJ, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup artist that you can lean on.  It’s our job to know the rules and regulations for our roles in your wedding so that we can stay safe and keep your guests healthy as well.  You don’t need to know every regulation regarding catering and bartending but you do need a catering company who is well versed to execute these new rules.    Similarly, we’ve seen a major increase in home based weddings and while that simplifies some elements of wedding planning it also can add a new layer of challenges.  Having a team of seasoned professionals will help to make that process fun and not frustrating.  Pre-covid a lot of vendors had fairly high minimum orders but, honestly, everything is up in the air right now so don’t hesitate to reach out and check on availability no matter how big or small your event might be.

3. Follow the rules.  The state’s mandates may be frustrating at times but they’re also there for a reason, to keep all of us safe and to slow the spread. Providing masks and signage encouraging guests to wear them is an important piece.  And looking to your vendors to help will be huge for the next year.

4. Have fun with the details!   I’ve always loved really intimate weddings because of the ability to go above and beyond thanks to the smaller guest count.  Details or themes that may feel excessive when hosting 200 people suddenly feel thoughtful and perfect with a guest list of 20.  A few ideas include hand written notes to each guest, floral arrangements delivered along with invites, thank you gifts or donations to a special cause in honor of each guest. Similarly, with so many fewer tables to decorate we can really amp up the volume for centerpieces and installations to create an environment that is truly dreamy while staying within the original budget.

5. Plan on a part 2!   Over the years we’ve had a number of clients choose to have a private ceremony followed by a reception (days, weeks or months) later for their larger friend and family group.  That’s essentially the same thing that we’re seeing a lot of couples plan for during the summer of 2020 with a follow up in 2021 or 2022.  I LOVE this concept!  Taking the pressure off of a single event somehow makes both of them seem even more fun.  You get to have the joy of marrying and moving forward with life now and the fun of a party in the future.

6. Take a honeymoon Celebrate your love and commitment by taking time after your wedding with just your sweetheart.  I think it’s tempting for smaller weddings to just push it aside but it’s really important as post wedding depression is a thing.  Even if it’s a staycation the location really isn’t the point.  It’s about taking time off from the stressors of “every day” life to relax and celebrate together.  Have someone come in to clean your home top to bottom during the wedding so you can come home to a sanctuary. Order in from the best restaurants, light those candles, unpack and use your wedding gifts!  And most of all revel in being a newlywed.

I’m so impressed and grateful for the patience and resilience of our couples and fellow vendors these past few months!  Whether it’s an intimate wedding this year or a large gala in the future I’m so excited to celebrate with you!


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