Advice on how to plan your wedding flowers!

Wedding flower inspiration!

It’s everywhere and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed!  People often ask me how we decide what flowers to use for weddings and how we came up with the scheme.  The truth is it varies a bit event to event (of course) but one thing remains true…It’s a collaboration.  Sometimes we work directly with the client. Sometimes we work more directly with the event planner.  Some people know exactly what they want and others have no idea. Most often it’s somewhere in between.  Whatever it may be we’ll take a look at aesthetic preferences, needs, and wishes, and match that up with over 20 years of wedding flower experience to come up with the best plan for you!  Here’s some advice and considerations when starting the process.

  • Collect a few inspiration images!  This doesn’t need to be a highly designed visual proposal.  Keep it simple.  Focus on a few things you like the feel and/or look of.  That might mean the colors, a specific flower, a table setting, etc, etc.  The idea is to start to honing in the feel you like and we can work out the nitty gritty from there.
  • Have your venue and date booked before meeting with a florist (more on that below.)

I highly recommend remaining flexible with your inspiration and ideas before meeting with a florist!  We have over 20 years of wedding flower experience that we can pull from to make your day the best possible for you.  Here’s a few of the things that are top of my mind when making suggestions to help fill out your dream.

  • Seasonality.  We work with local flowers as much as possible and we’re lucky to live in a place with a thriving floral farming community!  That doesn’t mean we can’t get flowers out of season or ship them, it just means I’m really hoping you love ranunculus if you get married in April. 🙂
  • Location, location, location.  If you’re getting married indoors the colors and feel of the space will highly impact your designs.  If you’re getting married outside, we’ll want to consider possible sun, rain, heat, sloping ground and wind.  In both cases, existing structures, or lack thereof, will likely impact installation ideas for things like arches and hanging elements.   We’ll talk through these and give you our honest feedback about what works and what might be problematic!
  • Budget.  It’s not the fun part of planning but feeling comfortable with the investment you’ve made is a big part of loving your flowers.  The good news is there are tons of beautiful flower options out there at different price points!  I can honestly say having to get creative to maximize on budgets have created some of my favorite designs.  It just requires a little extra thought and planning.

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