Now Booking 2024 Oregon Weddings and Events!

It’s consultation season!

As the 2023 wedding season winds down 2024 wedding and event consultations are picking up!  This work flow seems to happen every year and is so helpful in so many regards (having adequate time being the most obvious!)  With that in mind, here’s a bit about our booking process.

Initial Meeting-

  • The first point of contact is usually by prospective clients through our contact page.   The contact form does have quite a few categories and while you don’t need to fill them all out, the more the better as it will just cut down on my follow up questions. 🙂
  • We’ll setup an initial meeting either via Zoom, phone or in person at our studio on S Corbett.  This meeting typically takes 30-45 minutes.  We’ll talk through your ideas, likes, dislikes, wishlists, numbers, inspo images, etc.  There’s no commitment or cost for this meeting.   Afterwards I’ll draft a proposal for you with itemized descriptions and pricing.
  • When I send out the proposal I’ll put a soft hold on your date for 2 weeks so you have time to think things through.  We almost always do a little revising and polishing up of the proposal during this time.

Booking requirements-

  • We require a 25% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract to book your wedding date.   OR, if you’d like to book before seeing a draft proposal we require a $2000 non- refundable retainer.  In both cases this amount will be applied to the total amount due.

Next steps-

  • After the date has been booked there’s often a bit of a lag period where we don’t talk a ton but I’m always here if you have any questions, changes, adjustments and /or additional ideas.  Changes to the initial proposal can be made up until 3 weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Mockups.  I personally believe strongly in providing a sample centerpiece mockup prior to the wedding so we have a chance to make adjustments in person.  I don’t charge for the first mockup of centerpieces.  This is a little unusual in the industry so people often think there’s a catch but there’s not! I’ve just found that mockups save me issues in the long run and create a more peaceful wedding week so they’re well worth it for me as a business owner.  I do charge full retail value for any additional mockups or samples of other wedding items such as bouquets, ceremony arrangements, hanging installations, etc.
  • Walk throughs.  I request a walk through for private residence events and/or venues I’ve never been through before.  Beyond that it’s a case by case basis but we usually don’t need it.
  • Final payment. Final payment and all changes are due no later than 3 weeks before the wedding or event date.  This is when I’m placing my flower order as well as confirming staff schedules.

Events and orders other than weddings!

  • The same process and requirements applies to all of our events and orders.  And, yes, we love providing flowers for birthdays, retirements, baby showers, corporate events, fundraisers, auctions and beyond!


I hope this has been a helpful post! We’re excited to see what 2024 will bring!